Our Cozy Cabin in Utah for Sundance

Our Cozy Cabin in Utah for Sundance

We decided to head to Sundance at approximately 7 in the morning on day 1 of Sundance. It looks we beat our record as far as spontaneous trips go. Quick disclaimer: I do not recommend this way of traveling, and I almost always wish I had planned things out a little more. But I will say, it’s much more exciting this way.

In case you don’t know what Sundance is, it’s a world-renowned film festival that takes place in Park City Utah each year, with extra emphasis on festival.
Thanks to a new app that sells off otherwise-empty seats on flights for $35 (more coming on this soon, I promise) and a little in-flight wifi, we took off from LA without a place to stay and landed in Salt Lake City with a weekend in a cabin booked. And not just any cabin, we booked what I’m convinced is the cutest, coziest, little cabin in Utah.

I found the “A Frame Haus” through one of my awesome followers, who so graciously answered my public cry for help on my Instagram story in regard to our struggle in finding accommodation in the Park City area during what is easily the single-busiest week in Park City all year.
This cabin is located about 30 minutes from Park City, tucked away in the woods behind Heber City and set apart from the bustle. What it lacked in proximity to the Main Street of Park City where the action was, it made up for in cuteness. This is an a-frame style house built centuries ago and recently restored to be the beautifully designed, decorated and highly photogenic retreat it is today.


This place is the perfect combination of rustic and modern, with attention to detail in every single room. Fixed with modern appliances and an enormous, bright kitchen this place practically begs you to stay in and cook every day.

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We kept thinking what a perfect place this would be for a group of friends or a family – it’s just far enough away from the main towns (Heber and Park City) that you feel the excitement of being in the wilderness, but not far enough that you can’t pop into town within 15-30 minutes.
While it wasn’t super conveniently located for Sundance, we still managed to peel ourselves away from the warmth and coziness and into the cold, and we loved waking up in our own little wilderness escape every morning.

And the best part: almost seemingly timed with our arrival, fresh blankets of snow piled up all around our little triangular cabin in the woods. I’ll never forget the feeling of stepping outside the morning after the snowfall, the sun shining and the world around me quite literally sparkling. The snow was delightfully crunchy, I could see my breath in slo-mo, the world around me was silent… it was absolute bliss. The views that surround this place will take your breath away if the below freezing temperature doesn’t. Not pictured: Zack and I sliding around in our rental car on the icy roads without a clue of how to drive in snowy conditions.

As for Sundance, we got a good little taste of this exciting gathering in Park City Utah: we caught a film that made us feel weird, and met some fantastic, interesting people which led to lots of fantastic and interesting conversations, ate lots of good food (and drank lots of drinks), watched Post Malone do his thang… Oh, and GET THIS: we’re actually planning to plan to go back next year for round two.


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To check out the A Frame Haus on Airbnb, click here!

  1. Linda

    11 May

    Hi! May I ask where you got your white sweater?

  2. oousoo

    24 May

    Beautiful Helen <3

  3. Jerry Cannizzero

    8 April

    You are so beautiful. I was just wondering what kind of socks you had on in the cold weather.

  4. This place looks sooo amazing and cozy! def adding that to the travel bucket list haha
    xx jen

  5. thekcorinne

    23 February

    These photos are just so beautiful. I feel like I’ll say that every post! Lol. I love Park City though, I drove through on my second cross country road trip to meet up with my boyfriend’s college roommate and it’s just a magical little town.

  6. Alison

    23 February

    This trip looked amazing! By the way, UTAH is AMAZING in general. I went to Zion National Park and was amazed at the fantastic scenery it offers. I just love the rock formations all around. If you’re into hiking, I highly suggest visiting any of the Five National Parks Utah has to offer. Or even taking a raft ride down the Colorado River. You’ll be amazed! I cannot wait to hear more about this app offering low flights. Don’t make us wait too long :)

  7. Lauren Sandy

    23 February

    This looked so fun! Spontaneous trips are always the best. I can’t wait to hear more about the flights! Xo, Lauren Sandy

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