H E L L O !
Here’s a little bit about me, since you’re already here and you might be curious. If we’re talking titles, I’m a traveling creative still seeking an appropriate job title, most commonly referred to as an “influencer” but I find myself somewhere between being an influencer, model, blogger, and designer. Currently living in West Hollywood, Los Angeles… but rarely home. I graduated from UCLA in 2015, and stumbled into what I now call my business while I was finishing up my degree in Design Media Arts. I’ve taken what began as an organic following on social media and built a personal lifestyle brand around it (without signing with a modeling or media agency, I might add), all while fueling my passion for design and creating. To cut to the chase: I now find myself traveling the world, creating my own unique narratives and curated content, working with some of my all time favorite brands and above all else, paving my own road.