My Swimwear Collection with PQ!

My Swimwear Collection with PQ!

If you’ve followed, stalked or even just stumbled upon my Instagram profile by accident, you’ve probably noticed that I’m wearing a bikini like 60-80% of the time, that is, whenever and wherever acceptable.

When I look back at my online career, it almost feels like swimwear is entangled in my dna in a sense. Rewinding back before 1.6 million Instagram followers, back to high school when my online presence wasn’t much beyond my personal Tumblr blog, I can vividly remember saving up to purchase my first designer bikini. I was so completely unaware of the role that moment would play in leading me to where I am right now, writing this blog post about my own swimwear collection.

The story is that I got the size wrong on that first bikini. Anyone remember Triangl Swimwear? Triangl, btw, is still a super successful swimwear brand, but I’m talking about Triangl back in their early days, when their entire bikini collection consisted of only a few bright, neoprene, triangle shaped bikinis outlined in black. Well due to the thick neoprene material, if you ordered one size too big you’d get what us industry professionals like to refer to as a “diaper butt.” I ordered a S instead of an XS, and thus, had a case of the diaper butt. But instead of exchanging the suit, which sounded like a very daunting adult task to my high school self, I decided to sell it on Poshmark, the app I was using (and still use) to resell my clothing on. My mom took photos of me in the suit in our backyard to list the bikini for sale, and I ended up repurposing one of those images for my very amateur Instagram feed.

Triangl reposted the photo to their Instagram account (!!!), and as if that wasn’t already a huge enough deal, they then directly contacted me, asking if I wanted to collaborate, adding that my image had performed better than any other image they’d posted to their feed. I’d never been asked to “collaborate” with a brand before, let alone a designer bikini brand that I was a massive fan of. And that’s where it all began.

Fast forward. I went on to study design in college, and from there pursued this path I’m still on as a digital entrepreneur. As my personal brand evolved over the years, swimwear remained. It only feels natural to fuse my love of design with my love for swimwear and… DRUMROLL PLEASE… I’m so proud and excited to announce that I co-created a swimwear collection with PQ Swimwear!

When PQ Swimwear (formerly PilyQ) and I sat down together last year to discuss a design collaboration, they were already a brand I’d been wearing for years and one that had always stood out to me. Their suits have been so consistent in terms of both quality and style. You can probably imagine it can be quite limiting to design something unique with such a small piece of fabric, but PQ suits felt like they had that “it” factor to me.  

So when asked if I wanted to create a collection of my own with them? It was a yes from me. We came together to reimagine an array of iconic PQ styles that resonate with me and my style. The partnership fuses PQ’s expertise in crafting gorgeous swimwear with my expertise in living in a bikini (honorable mention to my experience in social media marketing and content creation).

Speaking of content creation, I was granted free-reign and full creative control to take the collection anywhere to capture the digital assets for it, so naturally Zack and I jumped on a plane to Hawaii and brought the vision to life, just the two of us. 

Just to bring this blog post up to speed here, all this all took place at the end of 2019. We launched the collection on 11/11. We sold out of half the collection on PQ’s site in the first week. In the weeks following launch, my collection was featured in: WWD, Forbes, The Zoe Report, AOL, HOLR Magazine, Popsugar, People, Marie Claire, Yahoo, The Fashion Network… Oh yeah, and I went on live local news, KTLA, to talk about the collection. Watch that here.

So yeah, it’s been a series of pinch-me moments and it’s safe to say my high school self is both screaming and proud. The collection is available here on PQ’s site, and also here and below on Revolve!!! The collection is selling fast, and sadly we won’t be restocking! If you miss this one, you’ll just have to wait for my next design venture… ;)

Shop select styles from my swimwear collection on Revolve here:

Without further ado, may I present “Helen Owen x PQ Swim” through the lens of Zack Kalter shot in Oahu, Hawaii, September 2019. Click on any image for the link to that suit! (On PQ’s site, the link for the top will open, just scroll down to shop the bottom too)

  1. Ron

    18 October

    Hot cool Hawaii style !

    “I am not strong enough to gaze at the light
    of that lady, and do not know how to make a screen
    from shadowy places, or the late hour:
    yet, with weeping and infirm eyes, my fate
    leads me to look on her: and well I know
    I wish to go beyond the fire that burns me…”

  2. You look gorgeous!!!

  3. Lisa

    9 February

    I love your collection !! There are all soooo cute 😍👙


    5 February

    Omg. Please me I love your whole collection :)

  5. Alana Verbiest

    3 February

    I love this entire collection!!

  6. Aingeal

    3 February

    AHH babe you look beautiful!!! Congratulations on your launch ❤️

  7. Megan Q

    2 February

    Beautiful swimwear! Love how you combined your passions to create something for all of us to enjoy! 👙 🍕 ☀️

  8. Ekaterina

    2 February

    This post touched my heart. Firstly, I do love smiwsuits, lingerie and all possible little pisces of art. However, due to my lifestyle I wear all those (swimsuits) maybe 3% of the year and here you are who wear them solid amount of time. I feel proud of you, beautiful body and soul should sparkle as many time as possible. Also you are such an inspiration for me in particular. Your story is interesting and gives me a thought that our passions are always with us and it’s so great when following them we could go on another level (own sales or collaborations). Collection mentioned above is super cute with a sense of beauty from people who “ate a dog” in it (Russian idiom). I wish you joy and further development in a new year. Rise and shine, greetings from Kiev. 🌠

  9. Jayne

    2 February

    Beautiful ♥️

  10. Jayne

    2 February

    Congrats ♥️♥️ Every bathing suit in this collection is amazing and so stylish

  11. Laura Arias

    1 February

    You’re such an inspiration Helen! Can’t wait to travel the world with my bf after college like you and Zack do! ❤️❤️

  12. Charlotte

    1 February

    Wow your pieces are incredible, as are you! What a story!

    Hopefully I can save up soon to get one because they look absolutely amazing 🤩

  13. Olivia Boezio

    1 February

    These pieces are absolutely stunning—you’ve outdone yourself! I would love to have one, hopefully I can save up to eventually get one 💕

  14. Barbara

    1 February

    Love your collection! You are so talented 🥰

  15. Ana Free

    1 February

    I’m obsessed with the ruffles! Such a beautiful collection babe xx

  16. Megan

    1 February


  17. Chase

    1 February

    Love all of these kinis!!

  18. Megan

    1 February

    Absolutely amazing!

  19. Sabrina

    1 February

    Love your energy, love these swimsuits!! Def will get one!!!

  20. Sabrina

    1 February

    I love the stripe bandeau of the collection!! It’s my dream piece!!! You are such an inspiration in life!

  21. Chantal

    1 February


  22. Cristina

    1 February

    This is beautiful 😍

  23. GemmaSB

    1 February

    So in love!!!

  24. Kelly

    1 February

    Love them all!

  25. Janese

    1 February

    These are amazing!! Keep up the good work girl!!!

  26. Emelia

    1 February

    Your story is so inspiring! It shows that anyone can do what they want, all you have to do is make the first step! I love how you have came sooo far from just the start of a little backyard photo shoot with your mom:) thank you for showing other girls that we ARE capable of anything we set our minds to!
    P.S. (your whole collection is fabulous🤩)

  27. Karla Tellez

    1 February

    Wow! 😍 loved your collection 👙🔝

  28. Taylor

    1 February

    So cute omg! 😍

  29. Maddison Smith

    1 February

    Love this collection! So summery and gorgeous xxx

  30. Christy

    1 February

    Love the collection! My mom bod may not be a smoking anymore- but these swimsuit style are to die for!! Love them all!!

  31. Emily Howard

    31 January

    Congrats Helen! So excited for you love the designs 💛☀️

  32. Einav

    31 January

    Love them ! Super unique!🙌🏻 Loved the ocean blue color block bandeau sooo much !!😍😍

  33. Kanami

    31 January

    So cute! Amazing work 😍

  34. Charliexeve

    31 January

    Please, 🥺🤍 Congratulations for your company! It’s amazing 🙌🏼

  35. Emily Zahodne

    31 January

    Love your whole collection helen😍 especially the light blue lace one!! Been supporting you since you had 30K!

  36. Nina Berry

    31 January

    so stunning!! congrats on your swimsuit collab with PQ🤩

  37. Julia

    31 January

    Great kini collection! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!❤️

  38. Danielle Guild

    31 January

    Congrats Helen!!!! Love everything 😍😍

  39. Jessica

    31 January

    you’re so gorgeous helen 💗 congrats to you and your swimsuit collab with PQ 💛

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