My Morocco Outfits

Choosing outfits for a trip to Morocco of all places seams like a daunting task, as if packing for a trip isn’t already enough work. Luckily for me, going on this Moroccan adventure with Revolve made selecting outfits FUN and comparatively easy (the thought of going through my own closet seems borderline depressing when compared with going through the vast array of incredible outfit options that is Revolve.)

So… what to wear in Morocco? If I wasn’t going with Revolve, this would have been an enormous dilemma. Morocco is a Muslim country, and strutting around the streets in your vintage Levi cut-offs and crop top like you’re walking down Melrose isn’t going to go over so well. However, our itinerary in Morocco and every single activity we had planned for our week was private (except for shopping, which we dressed accordingly for). And being that I was dressing and shooting in Revolve’s incredible brands, I curated looks that I felt fully comfortable in and that fit my style, but wouldn’t necessarily wear in Morocco’s more public places.

I tried to select pieces that I felt reflected my surroundings (or what I thought that would look like) and tried to keep everything within the context of gorgeous Morocco and the beautiful 80 degree sunny weather we were blessed with daily. If you plan a trip to Morocco and you’re wondering what your wardrobe should consist of, I’d air on the side of modesty but bring some fun dresses for wearing around your hotel and any private tours or activities you may plan. 

Shop all my outfits via the links at the end of this post!


  1. Lillian

    18 June

    Hey I am in love with your style! HUGE FANNNN!!! I follow you on Instagram and I was wondering where you got the vintage looking pants you are wearing in the photo you just posted today?? I love them and I gotta have them!!

  2. Janese

    16 March

    Hi Helen!! Love following you but way back when you went to Greece you wore this amazing blue top! It was off the shoulder with tassles. Do you remember when you got it from?!

  3. ullooNewYork

    10 December

    Just amazing outfits – perfect for the location! I wonder what kind of handbag will go well with that?

    -young @

  4. Willa

    5 December

    I love the striped dress! Is it see through on the bottom or is that an illusion from the lighting?

  5. April

    4 December

    If only I could afford those outfits lol. 858 dollars for the striped dress! Phew

  6. adorechicago

    4 December

    loved all your outfits!

    – andrea//

  7. Hala

    4 December

    Absolutely love your blog ❤️

  8. Caitlin

    4 December

    I️ love your style! I’m so excited you started blogging!! xx

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