My Bora Bora Island Wardrobe

It was really hard not to title this blog post “My Bora Bora Wara War… drobe”. Anyway, moving on.

Putting together outfits in Bora Bora is almost as fun and breezy as the island is itself, and to be honest I didn’t really put “outfits together” in such a formal sense, I kind of just wore whatever I felt like. I wanted fun bikinis for the day time, and more loose fitting, flowing pieces for the dinner hours.

I did however make a few crucial packing mistakes, one of which was sunscreen (who am I?! WHO FORGETS SUNSCREEN?!) and the other of which was sandals… which to my defense I think I did actually pack, but stupidly left on the plane on our flight over from LA. Thus you may notice a lack of footwear in my outfits, which is due to this minor hiccup but is also conveniently overall acceptable on this island. There were worse things that could have been forgotten on that flight, such a laptop, which Zack may or may not have left himself… (He did. We miraculously located it and with the help of The Four Seasons team, had it sent over to us in Bora Bora. Crisis averted.)

*Side note, I do not recommend ditching your shoes as an intentional islandic fashion statement if you visit Bora Bora. I won’t get into details, but my feet are currently in dire need of some R&R after spending 8 days running around barefoot on extremely uneven and unbearably warm (to put it lightly) Bora Bora terrain.

But aside from those few mishaps (my skin is very verrrry dangerously tan, also not recommended as skin protection is key) I was very happy with what I packed for Bora Bora and hope you enjoy these photos we took throughout our trip! As always, I will link as many of the exact pieces I am wearing as possible at the end of and throughout this post.

Without further adieu, my Bora Bora outfits:

L*Space Swim bikini top & bottoms (exact)

O’Neill top (exact)

Raen sunglasses (exact)

Amore + Sorvete Bikini top & bottom (exact)

Nude Triangl Bikini (exact)

Montce Swimwear top & bottom (exact)

Suboo bikini (this exact bikini is only available in Australia currently, but here is the same brand and style in a one-piece)

My birthday outfit! Unfortunately this set isn’t available online, but it’s by a brand called Canal + Bowery

Dainty gold rings (exact) and bracelet (similar) both by ByChari, one of my favorite jewelry brands for everyday dainty gold pieces.

My nails are “super gel” color 006 at Color Camp in West Hollywood

Tigerlily Swimwear top & bottoms (exact)

Faithfull the Brand pants, similar here and here

Gigi C Bikini top and bottom (exact)

L*Space romper (exact)


  1. Ana Free

    29 January

    Super gorgeous everything, that part of the globe is on my bucket list! I’ve been an IG follower for a long time and I love your style. Inspo all day! <3 Looks like you had so much fun! X

  2. Such great outfits! I can’t wait to visit Bora Bora 😍

  3. McKenna

    10 January

    Hi Helen! Know you said you’ll be posting on skincare and diet, etc soon, but would you also ever consider doing a post on your daily makeup and for going out? You always look so flawless, your beauty is unreal. Love your blog and the way you type! Big fan of you & Zack, also from LA :) x

  4. Jola Duro

    4 January

    Hi Helen, you probably won’t get to answering my question but I was really wondering if you could possibly tell us (a round number) how much it costs to take the trips you do? Bora Bora for example. I’m not sure if it’s too personal of a question and I totally understand if you don’t want to answer, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask(: I ask because I just want to know if I’ll ever be able to afford to live maybe even 1/8 of the life you live when it comes to traveling, or if I should just continue to live vicariously through yours posts haha. Thanks in advance Helen, Happy New Year!

  5. Hi love!

    Absolutely loved this post! Would love to visit Bora Bora one day :)
    Also wanted to ask which kind of template do you use for your blog? It looks stunning!

    With love,

  6. Jess

    31 December

    I love all of these outfits!! Do you happen to remember where the necklace is from seen in the first picture!? It’s so adorable and simple. 💙🦋

  7. Vicky

    30 December

    Would love health and fitness posts! Your physique is perfection! Loved the outfit post too😍

  8. Maya

    30 December

    What theme on WordPress do you use for this blog? It’s lovely. Sending love!

  9. Jason

    30 December

    Mrs Owen 😍 ! You are such a beautiful woman ! How old are you now ? I follow you on Instagram and like all your pics !! You are so sexy and so cute… What’s your secret ?

    Have fun in your life and be happy with Zack because we live only one time.

    I support your from Belgium 🇧🇪. Do you know this small country ? It’s next to France 🇫🇷.

    Have fun in your life and love with Zack and your family because we live only one time..

    Can you and Zack follow me back on Instagram ? My account is jajoyeux and I send you a private message in order that you can find me. Please please please… hahaha

    Bye 👋 always have fun with your trip … It’s amazing.
    I hope to meet you one time 😊
    And happy new 2018 year !

  10. Elle

    30 December

    hi! i loooved every outfit from ur trip, especially love the l*space brand one of my favorites! Also love ur blog in general:)

  11. Tess

    30 December

    Hi! Absolutely love you style! Been a fan since day 1! Just wondering where your initial braclet is from! Thanks! Xoxo

  12. Virginia

    30 December

    Hi, I am a huge fan of yours and love your instagram posts & stories and your blogs! I was just curious on what camera you use because all of your pictures are extremely good quality.
    Thanks! Virginia

  13. Kriti

    30 December

    Loved all your dresses and really your blog is amazing.❤️

  14. Len

    30 December

    They sell neither sandals or sunscreen in Bora Bora?

    • Helen Owen

      30 December

      Haha! Our first resort had one boutique selling overpriced sunscreen (which we should have purchased to save our skin, but didn’t) and also had a few pairs of $200 bedazzled sandals that I opted out of. The second island didn’t have any stores / roads / sunscreen. Not that it was anyones fault but my own that I was barefoot and sunburned. :)

  15. Kathy

    29 December

    What about the white cover up in the first pic??

    • Helen Owen

      30 December

      Good catch! Just added it :) It’s linked now! By O’Neill xx

  16. Kendall Alexander

    29 December

    loved this post it and all of the outfits!! You have no idea how helpful if is for bloggers such as yourself to give direct links to super cute clothes! I would love to see more fashion posts like this one. thanks Helen! love bed this blog post so much❤️.

    • Kendall Alexander

      29 December

      sorry for the typos☺️ I meant to say loved this blog not love bed this blog😂

      • Helen Owen

        30 December

        Hi Kendall! That makes me so so happy to know this was helpful! I’ll definitley do more posts like this in the future. Thank you for the feedback and your support, sending you my love for a happy new year :) xxx

  17. Willow

    29 December

    Hey Helen! What was the red bikini in the first Bora Bora post? I really liked the look of that one. Is it available anywhere?

    • Helen Owen

      30 December

      Hi Willow! Totally forgot about it! I just added it to this post, and yes it’s available! Thanks for remembering it and reminding me. It’s by Gigi C, see the link above. xx

  18. Ashley

    29 December

    This was an awesome blog post, thank you! Helen, how do you keep your body in such great shape, especially during travel? Your physique is amazing, is there a certain diet you follow? I’ve really been trying to get myself out of this holiday rut, and get back in shape. Btw, you’re beautiful xx

    • Helen Owen

      30 December

      Hi Ashley! Thanks for your comment and such kind words! Really really appreciate it. As for diet and fitness – I reaaaallly feel you with the holiday rut. After I got back from Bora Bora and went home for Christmas everything went out the window. Haha but in general, I eat very clean substantial meals (meaning I do NOT starve myself or believe in that). I don’t have any dairy and very little meat, so I follow a mostly plant based diet. If you haven’t tried to cut dairy out yet I would totally recommend starting there and see if you feel a difference! While I try and keep active, my only consistent thing throughout the year (or almost consistent I should say) is diet. I also believe in indulging to stay sane. I hope this was at least a little bit helpful! I plan on doing a more in-depth post soon that addresses health, so look out for that!
      Btw, you’re beautiful too.

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