Living Room Art Update

I finally have some artwork that fills up the massive wall in our living room! I’m SO EXCITED to share how far I’ve come with furnishing and decorating our place in West Hollywood… and even more excited that I somehow landed the opportunity to collaborate with an artist I’ve been obsessing over for YEARS on Instagram.

Well guys, I’ve officially found a way to bring the beach home with me, and it’s called GRAY MALIN’S WORK. I chose out this triptych of Coogee Beach in Australia (which I now definitley have to visit or I’ll never forgive myself) and every single time I walk downstairs and see it I feel happy. Now even on the rare occasions that I’m actually at home, not traveling, I’m reminded of why I love exploring so much. If your artwork doesn’t make you feel like you’re on permanent vacation, you should probably reevaluate your design choices?

Gray came over to check out his masterpiece living in my space, and take photo documentation of it’s glory… and also ask me a few questions. Check out his blog post about it here. Huge thank you to Gray Malin and his team for making my living room dreams come true with this triptych!

Shop Gray’s work here

Photos #3-9 by Gray’s team! Links to furniture and home decor at the end of the post :)


  1. Henrik

    10 June

    Afraid of decorating with colours?

  2. Mike Foley

    3 January

    Check out Erin Hanson art, in San Diego and Carmel. You will love the explosion of color in Erin’s window pane like open impressionistic paintings. Are you related to the British painter Helen Owens.

  3. Avery

    14 June

    Coffee table brand??

  4. Avery Katz

    26 January

    Where is your coffee table from??

  5. Jasmine

    22 February

    Hi Helen! Love your home, where did you find your coffee table?!

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