We can’t say no to Cabo!

We can’t say no to Cabo!

When a work opportunity presented itself to us, one that would whisk us away to none other than the turf that we first met on 5 years ago, we just couldn’t pass it up.

And we didn’t. And it just so happened that we found ourselves in almost the exact same circumstances as the very first trip we ever took together, the one that introduced us to each other over 5 years ago. It felt like we came full circle; 5 years after two strangers were booked for the same TV commercial filming in Cabo, we found ourselves in Cabo together again, again for a work opportunity, but this time as a unit. With 5 years of love and adventures in between.

Anyway, all soppy romance aside, this trip was wonderful in every way. After we wrapped up the campaign we were there for with a company called Route, we decided going home sounded like a terrible idea, and instead opted to change our flights to stay in paradise a tad longer.

We stayed at The Cape for the first half of our time in Cabo, and then after a sneaky flight change, we popped over next door to Esperanza Resort for the weekend. We knew we wanted to stay at Esperanza Resort after we caught a glimpse of the property while eating dinner at their dreamy cliffside restaurant, Cocina Del Mar, with the Route team earlier in the week.

Both of these hotels are phenomenal and I would highly recommend staying at either/both. Both resorts feel like intimate boutique style hotels, but The Cape has a bit more of a social atmosphere to it, while Esperanza felt a little more romantic and quiet. Both took all the sanitation and safety precautions that you’d hope to see in practice at any hotel in 2020.

We also ate at ACRE Baja with the Route team one night, a jungle boho farm-to-table restaurant (you’ll see some photos of it below). I would highly recommend eating here if you find yourself in Cabo, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Not to mention the entire property is breathtaking, from wandering peacocks to the Pinterest-board worthy pool area. ACRE is also a treehouse inspired hotel (the hotel rooms are literally little treehouses), but be warned – it’s a ways away from the ocean so if you stay there, you’ll be getting a full-blown jungle experience. Where the mosquitoes run rampant, I should add.

Below is a massive photo dump from our time in Cabo, so keep scrolling for that. It’s more or less in chronological order! Oh yeah, and I vlogged it. Watch that below! If you watch to the end you’ll witness me capturing a shooting star *on video*, so yeah I’d say my vlogging debut went pretty well.

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    17 November

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  2. Dean W

    15 November

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  3. Amazonka

    13 September

    Cabo is so chic, fits with every strong woman. Great photos…

  4. Janet

    29 August

    I think it’s really tacky how you just had to advertise your YSL pursešŸ¤¦ smh

  5. Jana Meerman

    26 August

    I love your blog posts, honestly. I’m thrilled you’re on YouTube too, but I especially enjoy your words + photography. Can’t wait to see more! xx

    • Helen Owen

      26 August

      Thank you so much Jana! I love writing so this is really awesome to hear. Thanks for your support :) xx

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